WFC – The Highlights

Well, considering that it’s NaNo and everything, I don’t really want to write posts that are too long… However, having taken a bunch of pictures at World Fantasy Convention, I can put some of those here in lieu of the massive recap post that I will have in early December, once the madness that is NaNoWriMo is over.

This is part of the lot of books I brought home. These ones are all signed. There are more, but I haven’t taken pics yet.

These are some of the non-signed books I got.

This is my favourite author picture ever… (With Patrick Rothfuss) Here’s the story:
Me: Can I get a picture?
Pat: Sure. I’ll just stare at you adoringly.
Me: *give him a “seriously?!” look*
Pat: And that’s EXACTLY how you’re going to look at me.
Steph: *Snaps a picture*

This is Holly Black, signing an autograph. I have a pic with her, but I haven’t asked Julia to send it to me yet.

This is Tanya Huff during an interview. It was super interesting! I also have a pic with her, but it’s on someone else’s camera.

This is Patricia Briggs. She is amazing and super nice. I saw her many times over the course of the convention. I have a pic with her on someone else’s computer, which I can’t wait to get.

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2 Responses to WFC – The Highlights

  1. Joseph Gagné says:

    That’s more epic that when Stéfan Paquette once autographed my copy of his cd: “Vive le craft dinner”

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