And They’re Off!

WORD COUNT TO DATE: 1768. (I will try to update my word count daily throughout NaNo.)

I got a solid start to NaNo. I had all my words for today before 9:00 this morning. This year, unlike all the others I’ve participated, I started writing at midnight. Seven other writers from my region met up with my in our group chat room, and we sprinted together, racing to see who could get the most words in 15 minutes. After the two sprints we did, I had just over 1300 words. That’s pretty good, in general, hitting over 650 words in 15 minutes, but they’re some of my slowest sprints yet. My record is nearly 1200 words in 15 minutes, so you can understand that that would feel slow. I got up early, and got in the rest of my words for today.

Now I’m trying to build up a buffer, so that if I miss a day for some reason, I won’t fall behind. If I could get at least a couple of days ahead of schedule, that would be awesome.

We also had our official kick-off party yesterday afternoon, with an AMAZING turnout! A total of 31 people came out over the course of the party, most of them in costume! We had a blast, and the group is awesome. I look forward to spending more time with them at the write-ins. Here’s a group shot that was taken before the last 6 or 7 stragglers came in.

This year we have a lot of high school students, which is awesome (though kind of surprising). I’m not sure I ever would have been brave enough to participate in something like NaNo when I was their age, so I’m very impressed with them! (Way to go, guys!)

Another difference from last year is that, this year, even though it’s still the first day, I feel like my story is actually getting somewhere. I don’t feel like I’m writing empty words, and there’s actually description in there! (I mean real description, with metaphors and similes!) And there’s dialogue! What?!? No more of that “she said that…” or “she explained that…”! Actual quotation marks and dialogue tags! (Maybe that explains the slower sprints… Totally worth it!)

On top of all that, I’m trying to keep on top of the homework situation. I have a huge presentation on Thursday that I’m not quite ready for yet, but I’ll be ready on time, as long as I set my mind to it and get my stuff done. Then I have another one either one or two weeks later. I’ve already started working on that one too, which is good, but I’d really like to get that done as soon as possible, so that I don’t cause myself stress for nothing. That’s actually one of my concerns this year, my stress level. I’m still pretty chill so far, but being c0-ML and organizing everything, plus getting my words in, plus getting my homework done, plus being on student council… It’s a lot. Not too much though. I just have to keep remembering that – it’s doable.

That’s all for me, for now. Anyone else get a good start to NaNo, or have any tips for juggling a million things to do?

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