NaNoWriMo Preparation

So I’ve been doing NaNo prep all month, along with my co-ML, Julia (check out her blog here: I’ve also been getting ahead on my assignments so that November doesn’t kick my behind.

There’s been a bunch of NaNo prep, and though some of the stuff is supposed to be a surprise for our Wrimos, the kick-off party is on Sunday, so if no one checks my blog before then, we’ll be good. 😉 (Because I’m totally posting a bunch of pictures…)

So, first of all, Julia and I made awesome info packs for our Wrimos called NaNoPDAs. I’m not going to post pics of those because it’s just information specific to our region. I will, however, include a picture of our regional logo (that’s right, we have a logo now!)

We also decided that we would be folding origami plot owls with our Wrimos. Usually they are plot bunnies, but we adapted that idea to our region. I was also told that Tavia from the OLL (the non-profit that runs NaNo) loves owls, so I sent her an envelope full of them. See her blog post about it here:

Here’s a more close-up picture of the owls (these are actually the ones I sent her…)

For anyone wanting to make their own origami owls, here’s the link to the instructions I used to make these ones:

I was bored the other night, and was browsing online, and saw the cutest stuffed owl ever so I decided I would make one. Here’s the result of that adventure (by the way, the eyes aren’t supposed to be the same size – I think it’s cuter that way):

We’ll be having a “name our mascot” contest!

We also got pins made for our Wrimos with the logo on them. I got them to add “Write! Write! Write!” all the way around the edge of the pins, which I thought was appropriate. You can’t see that part in the picture though…

And finally (though Julia doesn’t know this yet… So if you’re reading this, SURPRISE!) I’ve been making “Sprint ribbons” for our write-in sprint winners. They’re made of cardboard though, not fabric, but I think they’re adorable the way they are. I was thinking the winners could pick which one they want, then we could write the sprint info (which write-in, and the sprint number) on the owl’s belly.

Ok, so that’s it for the massive NaNo update. Will post again soon! 🙂

PS: What is everyone doing to get ready for NaNo?

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