Oops, I’m Late!

I was supposed to have posted yesterday, but I got caught up in other stuff that was going on and it completely slipped my mind.

We have an Underground Writers’ meeting tonight, and it’s a critique session. I’m looking forward to it – I’ve submitted something for critique again (that’s two sessions in a row). It’s another horror short story, and I’ve had it written for a long time, I just never did anything with it. So I cleaned it up last week (I had to chance the pacing a little, and add some more suspense) and sent it to the group.

I hope to start sending stuff off soon. As in submitting, to paying markets. I’m slightly terrified, I’m not going to lie. As much as I like my stuff, and I think I’m a good writer, it’s sometimes hard to have the confidence to be like “yeah, it’s good, someone wants to publish this” and send it off. Lucky for me, Andy (from the group) has been submitting stuff for a while, so he’s full of good advice. I’ll be picking his brain for market ideas tonight, I think. I really need to start submitting. I’ve never, ever done it, and if I want to be an author (which clearly I do) then I need to get over that and get going.

Regular posting schedule resumes tomorrow (I’ll be posting an update about goals and what I’ve been reading).

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