This is just a quick post to update you guys on where I am with my writing goals so far for the week. I have just finished edits and rewrites on Guilty Conscience, and have sent that out to the Underground Writers. I’ve crossed it off my checklist, and it felt pretty awesome.

I’ve also started edits on Hide and Seek, taking the critiques I received last time from the group and integrating their suggestions. I plan on finishing that tomorrow (well, technically today – Wednesday).

I’m thinking of setting up at Bell Park again for an afternoon of writing outside. It was awesome last week, even though I wasn’t at all productive. If I can get those edits done quickly enough, I want to get cracking on finishing the novel chapter. If I could actually reach all of my writing goals for the week, it’ll be a miracle. I honestly don’t remember the last time that happened.

Anyways, off to bed with me! (It’s one a.m. and I need some sleep!)

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