Writing Goals for this Week

The following are my writing goals for this week (before Thursday, actually – for the Underground Writers’ meeting).

– edit Hide and Seek, which is the short story I submitted for critique last week

– finish and send out Guilty Conscience to the UW group (another horror short story I wrote a while back)

– finish the current chapter of Darkness Awakens (which I started writing in November :P)

– follow the new blog posting schedule (so far, so good)

So yeah, those are my goals this week. From now on, my Friday posts will include my writing goals for the next week.

I was thinking of making a regular “What I’ve been reading” feature on Fridays as well. Any thoughts on that?

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1 Response to Writing Goals for this Week

  1. Sounds like some interesting goals for the week. My only goal is to find time to write to all this week, though I’m probably going to add the goal of find the best internet access in town so that I can actually write my own blog without the connection dropping out at some stage.
    Wishing you luck with your writing goals.

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