Writing Method of Choice

I don’t know if anyone else has this issue, but here’s my dilemma:

I love writing longhand. I feel as though my stories flow better that way, as though I put maybe just a little more thought into how I phrase things. But then, I have to type everything up, essentially giving myself twice the work. This then becomes a problem of time management.

And I also tend to edit as I’m typing, which is both good and bad. If it’s a short story and it’s already completed by the time I’m typing, then it’s good. If it’s a novel and I’m editing as I go, that’s bad because then I get stuck on the little details instead of moving forward with my work.

So usually, I just choose to do my writing on the computer, because it’s easier – and faster. I write pretty fast in longhand, but not nearly as quickly as I can type. Although I like doing both, if I were famous and could afford, say, a secretary, then I would write longhand and get someone else to type it. That would be awesome… lol.

Does anyone else struggle with this kind of thing?

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1 Response to Writing Method of Choice

  1. Matt Martin says:

    Me! I write longhand so when it comes time to type it, I have to write the same thing over again. I’m trying to switch to writing on a computer more, but it’s gonna be a slow process. When it comes to academic writing, it’s always longhand because I have to see my ideas on paper before I commit to putting them in final draft category.

    I’m a creature of habit, so it might be a lot harder than I’m thinking lol

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