Inspiration and Influence

A blogger I follow, whose name is Matt, recently posted about what it is that inspires us, as writers, to write. Not just to communicate, but to tell stories. His original post can be found here:

This was my response to his question (what influences my writing):

I don’t ever remember not writing. It’s something that I’ve always loved to do, so I can’t say that I remember what it is that influenced me in the first place.

However, I must say that what influences my writing now, what helps me to grow as a writer and improve my craft is my writing group. In such a small city, I’ve been lucky to find such a great group of writers to work with. We meet weekly, and do critiques once a month. I’ve been more productive in the last year and a half (since we’ve formed our group) than all the other years combined.

Also, I read – a lot. This influences me all the time. “I wish I could write like this,” or “I want to write a story about something similar!” are things that I often find myself thinking. I also took a creative writing class during my undergrad. That was really cool because it gave me the opportunity to explore different genres and writing forms.

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