I’m finding it really hard to find balance between my two blogs. There’s this one, and the group blog for the Underground Writers. I post there much more often because I use it to update the other members of the group on what’s going on, what my word count is, that kind of thing. By the time I’ve done that, I feel like writing here is a little redundant, and that the time I spend blogging could be better spent writing. When I’ve returned from camp once and for all, I’m sure this will change, but because of my limited internet access, I can’t blog whenever I usually would, so I feel like I’m taking my writing time to do it. Now that I’ve written that out, I feel like it’s completely illogical for me to feel that way.

Regardless, although I am not blogging regularly, I am still getting a lot of writing done. I don’t have a word count because most of it is hand written, but I feel that I’ve been rather productive lately. Go me. Once everything is typed out, I’ll have a tally of how many words I’ve written in the last while.

Also, I’m a little nervous to return to school after a whole year away. I’m starting my Masters next week, and I’m expecting that it will significantly cut into my writing time, though I really hope it doesn’t. I hope I will continue to write at least at the same pace as I’ve been going, because I’m very proud of the amount of writing I’ve been doing. I’ve been more productive than ever this year, and I hope to keep that momentum going. Cross your fingers for me. 🙂

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