Pleasantly Surprised

I just calculated my cumulative word count for the year (in the second column of the blog) and I was pleasantly surprised at how many words I’ve actually written in the last 7-ish months. I never thought I had written that much. I know that 27000 odd words isn’t so much when you consider that I wrote almost twice that in last November alone (NaNoWriMo* – National Novel Writing Month – will do that), but it’s a lot for me, and I’m proud of those words! And now that I’m committing myself to writing every single day, no matter how much or how little, I’m hoping to see that number rise quickly.

If you feel like you haven’t been writing a lot, maybe doing an inventory of everything you’ve written could help… It’s definitely encouraged me! šŸ™‚

*More on NaNoWriMo in a future post!

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