Hello world!

So I have decided that I need help. I’m slacking on my writing, and I need to be accountable to… someone. Other than myself. I realize that it’s quite likely that no one will even read this thing, but it gives me another way in which to keep track of my progress, and another motivation to make progress in the first place.

Here are my long term goals:

– Finish the first draft of Guardian, the novel I’ve been writing for close to 5 years.

– Get something published.

My goals for the near future:

– Finish Penelope, the short story that’s been dragging for ages.

– Edit Guilty Conscience. the horror short story I wrote last month.

My daily goal:

– Write EVERY DAY. It doesn’t matter what I’m working on as long as I actually write.

This last one  is a big one for me. I haven’t been able to pull it off yet, but I really want to. I’m hoping this blog will help me do that. I will update my daily word count on here, and if it’s not moving, please yell at me! lol. Ok, that’s enough procrastination for me. I’m going to finish setting up this blog, and then I’m going to write. Wish me luck! 🙂

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